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Unit Training and Research Centre Interdisciplinary Scientist Mountain (UFR-CISM) was established in 1990. This set has wanted from the beginning interdisciplinary around a theme: mountain environments, their development and their equipment. To achieve this goal it has a partner in one approach, scientific, life sciences, Earth sciences to a discipline concerned with the study of natural environments, but also closely linked to the Social Sciences, Geography .

Since 1997, when it opened at the University of Savoie, the industry STAPS (Science and Technology of Sports and Physical Activities) was attached to this set without altering the original purpose.

This university is currently training about 1,500 students divided between undergraduate and graduate courses in both general and vocationally delivering a total of over 30 degrees.

Sixty teachers and researchers, a dozen researchers, a significant number of individual contractors, twenty administrative and technical staff, supervise and participate in these disciplines an intense research activity and recognized in four of five laboratories are associated with major research organizations and the fifth in the process of emergence due to the recent establishment of the discipline at the University of Savoie.