Name Key-words Code in course catalog Degree Semester Outline Language of instruction Download
Field investigation

Sampling and monitoring strategies; Fauna; Flora

 TERR 301 L2 SV 3/autumn Introduction to field sampling in natural ecosystems (fauna and flora). Sampling and monitoring strategies, objectives and relevance; habitat concept French  LSV download
Field trip Practicals; Sampling and monitoring strategies; Fauna; Flora  TERR 302 L2 SV 3/autumn Praticals and use of concepts covered in TERR301_SV; sampling in various habitats nearby the campus: edges of river or waterbody, urbanized area, or forest French  LSV download
Population biology Population dynamics; Population genetics BPOP 501 L3 SV 5/autumn Introduction to population dynamics and genetics. Methods to estimate abundance, modelling of population dynamics, age-structured populations. Measuring genetic diversity, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, panmixia, main evolutionary forces. Practicals on the campus and in the Bauges Massif. French  LSV download
Evolutive ecology 2 Biotic stress; Abiotic stress; Alpine ecosytems; Adapation; Plants ECOL 502 L3 SV 5/autumn Plant response to biotic and abiotic stress in altitude ecosystems French  LSV download
Ecosystem Management Nature conservancy, National Parks and Reserves, Protection tools and status ECOL 602 L3 SV 6/spring This class introduces ecosystem management through real-life cases and the institutions working on nature conservancy in France. After a presentation of  biodiversity loss, management tools and protection status are described. Professionals of nature conservancy will share their experience during classes and/or during field visits in Parks and Reserves.   French  LSV download
Ecology of high altitude environments Alpine ecosytems; Adaptation; Plants ECOL 603 L3 SV 6/spring Specific aspects of altitude ecosystems. Adaptation of plants to mountain living conditions. Concept of altitudinal vegetation range. Presentation of the main habitats of the sub-montane, montane, subalpine and alpine zones. French  LSV download